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Robert has a burning desire to help others overcome their personal road blocks, breaking through them to a brighter future!
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Robert can help those who have lost their direction and need advice to get back on track.
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Find Confidence

My goal is to help you find empowerment and the resources for overcoming painful and negative relationships including Borderline Personality Disorder.

Be Happy

Let's work together to help you turn unfulfilling life experiences into ones filled with abundance, freedom and joy.

Take Charge

It's time you took charge of your life. Stop letting things happen to you and let's work together to start making happen for you.

Featured Videos

Robert has created over 130 free videos on his Self Redirection YouTube Channel to support everyday people just like you who are seeking help. The featured videos shown below are his most popular and most viewed.

To browse Robert's full line up of videos visit his YouTube Channel today!

YouTube Video

Surviving a BPD breakup - Part 16

The silent treatment, a passive aggressive behaviour

Youtube Video

Surviving a BPD breakup - Part 1

My personal experience from a male's perspective

YouTube Video

Surviving a BPD breakup - Part 15

Discussion surrounding gaslighting, also known as Mind Games

YouTube Video

Surviving a BPD breakup - Part 2

Some more clear steps one must take to survive a BPD breakup

YouTube Video

Surviving a BPD breakup - Part 3

Growing and healing, rebuilding your self-esteem